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Ditch that app to find your dream Yorkshire chap!


Dating Services Yokshire 1

Brand new Yorkshire-based dating service for singles who want the real deal. 

I have a fair few good friends who are single and ready to mingle and this might just be the hottest ticket in Yorkshire if you are looking for your very own Mr or Mrs right.

Claire from the North Yorkshire town of Pateley Bridge – founder of new dating service – Finding Mr Darcy – hopes that encouraging singles to mingle over activities such as clay pigeon shooting, archery and even pie making at her new and exclusive activity-focused dating events, will lead to love and lust over a pie crust and a cupid’s arrow through many a heart, all to the backdrop of romantic Yorkshire settings.


Dating Services Yokshire


Claire, who is a single Yorkshire lass herself so knows the score, thinks she is on to something with her events and she is hoping they will kill two lovebirds with one stone for her personally – yes she is looking for lurve too guys.

She reckons bucking the trend of a digital first date and the “swipe left” movement  and going back to good old-fashioned, physical dating is what many Yorkshire folk of a certain age need and want. She admits she certainly does!

So rather than hanging around waiting for it to happen, the self-confessed romantic is on a mission to prove that good old-fashioned face-to-face meetings have a lot going for them over the barrage of today’s tech. She is keen to ‘put the human touch back into dating’.


Dating Services Yokshire 1


Claire said: “I love that I am on the same wave length as other singles. I know how hard it can be to find the one, I struggle with being shy myself. Having organised events with people in the same situation as yourself gives you conversation starters. It’s nothing complicated, just human interaction and chemistry- the beauty of it is its simplicity and that it’s real. At our events our members chat as if they are with friends, interacting at a social occasion within a group, and experiencing fun activities together helps create an initial bond very quickly. What comes next is down to chemistry – but my job is to facilitate that chemistry within a relaxed, sophisticated, safe, environment”.


I personally completely missed out of the Tinder Revolution – the only thing I’ve ‘swiped left’ is Mr T’s credit card – and whilst I’m ever so slightly disappointed that I’ve never had, and might never have the opportunity to chat dirty with dozens of men who look nothing like their profile picture, I’m forever grateful that I bagged Mr T when I did.

We did, however, meet at a dating event in London in 1996! It wasn’t quite as sophisticated and highbrow as Claire’s events that are set against the beautiful backdrop of the historic Hazelwood Castle. Oh no – the highlight of this particular event in 1996 was the padlock and key game with the aim being for every man to put their key in the hole of every girl’s… padlock… I’m sure you can imagine the inappropriateness.

Point being – we are living proof that a good old-fashioned dating event works.


Hazelwood Castle

Hazelwood Castle


The Crossbow, Archery and Air Rifle Experience is set against the beautiful backdrop of Yorkshire’s historic Hazelwood Castle just outside of York at 10am on 28th April and on 4th May. Members are invited to combine cooking and conversation during a traditional pie making experience and dinner at Coddy’s Farm, Holmfirth at 6.30pm. All prices are £75 per ticket. To book visit https://findingmrdarcy.com. The events are open to any age. Booking is essential via https://findingmrdarcy.com

Although from what I hear from my single friends who use Tinder, some rather charming chaps now totally bypass the lock and key teasing and kick off the conversation with their pork sword.


WIN one of two tickets worth £75 each to Claire’s event on 4th May

Claire has kindly given me two tickets for two lovely, lonely Girl About Yorkshire readers (boys and girls). So if you’re tired of Tinder, moved on from Match.com and there’s no fish in your sea, then this is for you!


Jump onto my Facebook Page and comment on the competition post with – “Find My Mr Darcy”. Tag your single mates in too. I’ll choose two of you on Friday morning – keep 4th May free – it might just be the day you meet your love of your life and the very least, the cooking might lead to some… STOP IT – 3rd date rule!… although I know from experience that Hazelwood Castle has some beautifully appointed rooms 😉