I was invited along to the Georgia Theatre in Richmond to watch Rox, paper and The Scissors, a play written by Miranda Duffy which aims to inspire children to engage with current affairs and ensure politics isn’t a dirty word for our children, a difficult task in the current climate. 

Rox, Paper and The Scissors

The boys were thrilled to be going although I was slightly uneasy given that the play is aimed at Key Stage 2 and 3, mainly 9 – 11 year olds but I needn’t have worried. Firstly, what an amazing venue. We were so well looked after, the staff were warm and welcoming and completely unphased by someone turning up the theatre with a 4, 3 and 1 year old.  You could really tell the staff were passionate about the theatre and rightly so, one of Britains oldest working theatres it is cosy and quirky and a completely different experience 

Secondly, despite being aimed at older children the boys loved it and were able to loosely follow the concept and story, although as is often the case, the explanation did revert to “goodies and baddies”. The play is based around three characters and their battle to become school presidenthead girl, school bully and class clown. The show is fast paced and funny, my children were laughing aloud and were highly entertained by the Trump references. (They have no idea who Donald Trump is but certainly know what a trump is). The cast held the children’s attention and there was some impressive scary faceshaking from the school bully Rox. Even I was a little bit scared of him. 

I loved that there was also some discussion about environmental issues woven in to the play and some clever rhymes and songs to reinforce the messages put across.  A great touch was the live ballot at the end of the show in which the audience could cast their vote for school president, although much to my 4 year olds dismay we didn’t find out who was elected; the votes will be counted at the end of the tour and announced on social media. The results will also form the basis of two more plays to follow in the future. 

We really enjoyed it and if you have children of the correct age then I would most definitely recommended. A great way to start or build on conversations around politics and the importance of asking questions and using your vote wisely. 

The play is currently on a regional tour finishing 23rd March 2018, dates and locations available here