If you are one of the 4,000 people who follow me on Instagram you’ll probably know that 50% of my content is me flaunting my seemingly ‘oh so perfect life in Yorkshire’ (it’s far from it) and parading round in a lot of red items of clothing. Lyndsey in Red. Like Lady in Red, just… well… Lyndsey in Red.

Like anyone cares – but – it has become a bit of an obsession of mine if I’m honest. Β Some call it personal branding, others call it narcissism.


Fyre Festival


The other 50% of my Insta-feed is me trying to get my shit together and me being very honest about the not-so-wonderful day-to-day struggles that any woman of a certain age has to endure. Because let’s face it, none of us is ‘living our best life’ most of the time.

And I expect the ‘not-so-wonderful / living a pretty normal life / dealing with my own shit’ posts of mine are the very reason that I wasn’t chosen to appear alongside my fellow global influencers Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski, and Bella Hadid in the promo campaign for FYRE Festival in the Bahamas.


If you watch anything on NetFlix right now watch FYRE

It’s all that’s so very wrong with how ‘influencers’ are selling nothing but pipedreams to their mega-followings of very easily influenced audiences. Kendall Jenner was reportedly paid a whopping $250,000 Dollars for ONE – yes ONE Instagram post.


And that skinny coffee is a load of bullshit – believe me!


‘The Greatest Party That Never Happened’

I was absolutely glued to the 90-minute feature-length documentary largely made up of interviews and social media clips. To cut a long story short, some All American Millennial clown called Billy McFarland with the audacity and impudence of a young Trump and his obnoxious and rather vulgar rapper-come-business-partner – Ja Rule (real name Jeffrey Bruce Atkins) somehow managed to con 6,000 American Millennial wannabes out of $35 million dollars by selling tickets to ‘The Greatest Party That Never Happened’ in the Bahamas.

They did this by launching the ticket sales of FYRE Festival on the back of a very clever, huge influencer campaign that promised those lucky enough to bag a ticket, an experience like no other, rubbing shoulders with supermodels on beautiful sandy beaches.


Fyre Festival netflix

Tickets sold out in hours. Some of which were $250,000 a pop. All because 6,000 kids thought they were getting a piece of what they were being fed on social media. Only nothing is ever what it seems is it?

It’s cringe-worthy viewing but utterly hilarious, not least because McFarland seems to be able to wrap grown men round his chubby little fingers and somehow manages to drag dozens and dozens on ‘intelligent and highly intellectual’ adults along on his fall to disgrace, all the while sporting this very annoying smirk.

Easily the most uncomfortable and shocking moment as FYRE came crashing down on everyone and everything was when FYRE’s event producer Andy King (old enough to be Billy’s father) was asked to ‘take one for the team’ by offering to give the Head of Customs a blow-job if he released the thousands of bottles of water needed for the festival.



Possibly the saddest part of FYRE is the devastation to so many islanders in The Bahamas who were at the mercy of these conning little bastards behind FYRE.

Watch it. It’s a great example of nothing is ever what it seems and in there somewhere is a lesson to all of us who spend too much time believing all we see on social media.

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