Those of you who follow our Girl About Halifax, Emma, on Instagram will know that she is the Queen of all things Christmas. So, we thought it’s be a great idea to share with you all her cute (and cheap!) Christmas traditions…

I love Christmas. Always have. I don’t know if it’s something to do with being a teacher and from early November being surrounded by shepherd costumes and glitter on a daily basis but I always get so excited for this time of year! Now I’ve got my own little angel I can channel all my festive ideas on to her and pass on my love of this season. Everyone’s got their own family traditions they set up and here’s a few of ours.

Christmas Coupons

(I prefer the word voucher to be honest but this has a better flow to it!). Free, simple and Lyla loves them. I rustle mine up on the computer but handmade would be equally (if not more) lovely!

This year she’s got a:

  • Baking afternoon (what diet?!)
  • Movie Night (The Incredibles 2. Again)
  • Breakfast in Bed (washing day)
  • Pyjama afternoon (yessss)
  • Game night (at the moment it’s more bingo than monopoly so arguments are few and far between)
  • Stay up late (then fall asleep on the sofa)
  • Have a friend for tea (her favourite)
  • Camp out in the garden (only redeemable in summer)
  • Pamper night (bath, nails, slap on a bit of moisturiser and she thinks she’s Naomi Campbell)

Christmas traditions

Christmas Countdown Basket

This is a similar idea to the Christmas Eve boxes people do (which I do like).
So, this one isn’t free but is fairly low cost (depending on where you shop – I live on aisle 3 of Home Bargains). Now, the only problem I’ve come across with the Christmas Eve boxes is that you hand them over to your precious little darlings at 5pm, they ransack them and then go to bed a couple of hours later (if you’re lucky I guess) only for them to be discarded by the following morning in favour of what the big man in red brought. So, with this idea we give Lyla the basket of goodies on 1st December and she has a full 24 days to appreciate our (my) efforts!

The list of what can go into these is endless and they can be as big or small as you like – this year she’s got:

  • Cosy socks
  • Advent calendar
  • Sticker books
  • Activity book
  • Hair clips
  • Chocolate
  • Baking decorations
  • Christmas stampers

Christmas traditions

Bauble Shopping

This one needs careful guidance – or else they’ll be smashed up robins before you can say pass me the eggnog. Usually when the pre Christmas sales are on we whip Lyla to garden centre or a shop with a decent selection of dangly balls and let her choose one. Just one. She’s fully primed and prepped before we enter the building that it’s a single, solitary decoration that we are going in for and so far so good!

Advent Books

This one does have an initial expense but you could visit the library or buy 2nd hand (a lot of ours came from the used section on Amazon but are in great condition). A basket full of Christmas themed books – one a night from 1st December until the 24th. There are some absolute classics (The Night Before Christmas, Jolly Christmas Postman, A Christmas Carol) and some not so classic (Rudy’s Windy Christmas) and we update ours with a couple of new ones every year and pass the old ones on to charity shops.

Be a Christmas Angel

Quite simply Lyla is a very luckily little girl and some children in our local area aren’t as fortunate as her, so every year she goes with me to buy a present to donate to a child who might not be getting a great deal when they wake up on Christmas morning. The one we do is organised by Lyla’s ballet school but most areas do something similar and it’s so important to me that Lyla understands that one of the joys of Christmas is in giving and not just receiving.

I’m sure I’ll come up with another way to add to the Christmas fuss (pinterest has A LOT to answer for) but for now this is all I’ve got! If you have any other ideas that I must, need, have to introduce to our festive line up please let me know!