Are you an aspiring blogger but the reality of life

is holding you back?

You love to write, you have life stories to tell and your written English and Grammar is much better than average but when the heck have you got the time to update a blog frequently? You haven’t the foggiest idea how to use WordPress and you think that S.E.O. stands for the Sharp-Edged Object and, let’s face it, there are 99 other aspiring bloggers within a mile’s radius of your house so it’s gonna take some serious time and effort to carve out your little corner on the world wide web.

But you’re probably a mum and/or a career woman and you know you’re relatable, you have stories to tell and advice to give and you want to share all the best bits about the place you’ve chosen to call home to women of a similar age, and with similar interests to you.

If only you had a ready made platform and audience…

you know you’d rock at writing your own blog!

If this is you, and you live in Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and you tick the boxes below, then we want to talk to you!


You need:

    • To live in the town/city that you want to represent
    • To want to write
    • To be a bit of a social butterfly
    • A sense of humour that is reflected in your writing style
    • A very good understanding of written English and Grammar
    • A few spare hours a month to visit wonderful places and review them (free of charge), write recommendations for places to go, things to do and dishes to cook. And an hour or so a month to fully engage in the Girl About Academy online where you’ll get free tutorials and training on content creation, blogging and building your own online presence.
    • To be willing to grow your Instagram platform and use it to promote Girl About content
    • To love taking photos and have a decent enough phone to take photos on


You get:

    • To be the official Girl About in your town or city
    • Your own blog platform within the brand new Girl About website – launching very soon!
    • To write without having to do all time-consuming boring stuff – Girl About HQ will proofread your blog and upload it, we’ll also re-size your images, check its SEO friendly and publish it to a time that suits you. We’ll also market it to our network of over 40,000 female readers across the UK and beyond.
    • Access to the Girl About private Facebook group where you’ll be able to tune into regular best-practice training sessions, cheat-sheets and opportunities
    • Freebies – gifts, meals, overnight stays in posh hotels etc
    • Complete freedom to review and recommend anywhere you see fit in your area
    • An opportunity to tell your personal stories and or/*promote your business via the brand (if we think it brings value to the brand and our readers).
    • To be part of the BlogSquad
    • An invite to the Girl About annual retreat.



Since joining the BlogSquad as Girl About West Yorkshire, I’ve gained so much more confidence in myself in so many ways.  I’ve loved doing something out of my comfort zone and going back to my passion for writing that I can’t always express in my 9-5 job. I’ve loved getting to know the other girls and making new friends. It’s reaffirmed my love of Yorkshire and I’ve found new and amazing places to visit and shout about to other people.

Emma – Girl About West Yorkshire

The Blog Squad is ace. We are all so different, yet when together we are all on exactly the same page. We want to write, learn, have fun and spend time with our loved ones along the way. Being part of a big gang of girls has never been my thing, being part of the Blog Squad is just brilliant. There are no cliques or negativity, all in it together.

Already I’ve got a new level of confidence with my writing, learnt loads about social media and I’ve been to some amazing places to review. It is literally the maternity leave of dreams and I’m really excited for everything that is still to come.

Vicky – Girl About Sheffield



Have you already got a blog?

Have you got any writing experience?

Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?

If you heard about this marvellous opportunity from a friend please tell us who she/he is and if you get the gig, they get £100!

Yes I would like to recieve the Girl About newsletter please.

5 + 10 =

If you recommend a friend who fits the bill, we’ll give you

*one hundred quid cash as a little thank you*.

All you need to do is get the person you are recommending to include your name and email in the correct fields above when she applies.

*Terms & Conditions of this promotion: 

You will receive your reward of £100 in cash just as soon as the girl you’ve recommended has agreed to take on the position as the official Girl About in her area and her instruction is based on her submission of all requested information and the completion of a very simple application process.




We will do our absolute best to respond to every application

but please bear with us, we are a small team!