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Hey there, I’m Charlotte and I’m thrilled to be the official ‘Girl about York.’

I live with my daughter Florence in the pretty market town of Easingwold, on the outskirts of York.

I packed up my life in London to move here a few years ago, just before Florence was born.  I’m originally from the other side of the Pennines but fell in love with Yorkshire when I lived in Leeds during my early twenties and I knew this would be an idyllic place to raise a little human.

Now I’m a fully adopted Yorkshire lass (I’ve always preferred white roses to red ones!) and I’m proud that Florence is a born and bred ‘Yorkie.’  I feel so lucky to call York home, I genuinely can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather have chosen to live.  It’s not just me who thinks this: The Sunday Times named York the ‘best place to live in Britain’ in their latest poll and it’s not hard to see why.  Yes, it is beautifully steeped in history and character with picturesque medieval streets, iconic city walls and the magnificent Minster defining the city’s skyline.  But behind all that, there lies a buzzing modern metropolis of destination restaurants, artisan cafes, cutting-edge bars and a vibrant cultural scene.  I’ve lived here for 3 years now and have only just scratched the surface of what York has to offer so I’m looking forward to sharing with you all the hidden gems I find.

My day job is designing flowers for luxury weddings and events in London – but happily I get to work remotely from Yorkshire.  Once upon a time I had a high-flying career in advertising.  After climbing the post-university, corporate ladder and enjoying the crazy glitz and glamour that advertising had to offer, I decided to leave to pursue my passion for floristry.  I went back to college to study floristry and worked my way up from washing flower buckets as a Saturday girl to now being in the incredibly lucky position of having a job I absolutely and utterly love.  Part of my work which I particularly enjoy is writing for national press and magazines (I get asked to do pieces on floristry and floral trends) so it’s going to be a lot of fun to write as part of the Girl About Blog Squad.

I’m a single mum to Florence, having got divorced last year.  It’s a joy to share my life with such an adorable, feisty, loving, funny, little girl.  However, she is just about to turn three so if you see me in the supermarket trying to scrape a tantruming threenager off the floor, please send help and/or wine!

What else?  Ok, my claim to fame is doing the flowers for a wedding where I had to pin a buttonhole on Ross from Friends (mind you, I’d have preferred Chandler).  I’ve dived with great white sharks in South Africa but I’m scared of pigeons.  Oh, and I own a giant chocolate brown labradoodle called Bear, who’s basically a big feral ball of fluff.

I can’t wait to share my experiences and adventures in York with you – I hope you enjoy my posts!

Charlotte x


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