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Hi, I’m Helen.

I’m a mum to three boys Ted, Archie and Monty and a very needy cocker spaniel called Miley. The boys are aged three, two and one… Not a day goes by where I don’t hear ‘wow you’ve been busy’, ‘are they all yours?’, ‘are they all boys?’, ‘haven’t you got a TV?’. Yes, I have, yes they are, yep all boys, and yes but only with the basic Sky package…

We live in a small village in North Yorkshire near Yarm. No one has ever heard of Yarm (unless they used to go to Tall Trees nightclub) but it’s got lots of claims to fame; Prince Harry was once spotted in The Keys – also known as The Claggy Mat. Liam Gallagher came to a nearby village for a wedding and had a parmo (local delicacy. If you know you know) and Tom Hardy is always spotted in big Tesco or on the high street.

I’ve always lived here except for uni in Sheffield and a brief stint in Aberdeen, I loved both places but always seemed to end back up here and over the years I’ve grown to love it and feel lucky to have some amazing places on our doorstep.

BATC (before all the children) I worked in HR, I’ve been a stay-at-home-mum for the last few years but I’m soon starting a course in social media management. My husband works on an oil rig in the North Sea and I spend three weeks at a time on my own while the boys run circles around me. Yep, that’s right – three boys under three, single parenting for three weeks at a time.

Naturally, my hobbies include bedtime, term time and wine time. Outside of that I’ve recently ran the Great North Run for the first time which was an amazing experience; I still can’t believe I managed it although the next day I did actually feel worse than when I’d given birth. I also spend a lot of time sitting on the floor persuading children to either take clothes off or put clothes on and I get my boys so many drinks of milk I really wish they could just a be hooked up to a little milk IV.

It was never in my grand plan to have three children in three years. When I found out i was having my third baby people said one of two things; you’re mental or you should start a blog. I went with the blog suggestion and was introduced to the wonderful world of Instagram. And thanks to that I’ve now found myself on the Girl About Blog Squad, ready to share my parenting fails and the best of North Yorkshire with you all.

Helen x


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