Girl About Leeds

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Hi there, I’m Kirsty!

I’m 29 and originally from Ripon in North Yorkshire, but now I live in Horsforth with my (recently turned) 2 year old son Caspar and partner of 5 years George. Sometimes I think Caspar might be a genius but I also caught him licking the stairs the other day, sooooo….There’s also over a foot in height difference between George and I, luckily I love heels.

I studied at Newcastle University and took part in student radio – I was nothing less than deputy station manager and female presenter of the year, I’ll have you know! And now I love a good Instagram story, vlogging about family life, Caspar’s tantrums and my many new purchases….

I moved back to Yorkshire after graduating to work on a film investment fund (investing in Peaky Blinders amongst others – yes, I’m on IMBD!) and now work for ITV.

My hobbies include attempting to balance life before and after motherhood. I find that I need to know the OfSTED rating of the nearest primary school but also wonder if I can sneak away on a three day Hen Do in Croatia… The answers, if you want to know, are ‘outstanding’ and ‘absolutely’. I am always being on a diet but never lose weight and I am permanently trying to save money but yet a parcel seems to mysteriously land on my desk roughly every day. I’m obsessed with homeware (am I getting old?) and my go to karaoke song is Valerie.

I’m on a mission to find something equally fun for both child and parent – I know it exists and I’m going to find it!

Kirsty x