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Hi, I’m Catherine!

I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Yorkshire lass, born and bred in Bradford, but recently returned from eight years living in Italy.  

Moving back has been somewhat of a culture shock. Rome was all about the history, evenings out even on a school night, pasta, pizza, coffee and drinking prosecco sitting on a beautiful square. But would you believe English food was what I missed most? I craved a bacon sandwich, a proper cup of tea, pies, Sunday lunches in a cosy pub and above all curry. I’m currently rediscovering the delights of Bradford and West Yorkshire, but still searching for that elusive perfect coffee.  

In previous lives I’ve been a primary school teacher, worked in politics, done a brief stint in a food tour company (that was a great job – free samples) and I’m now a freelance writer and editor, so you’ll probably find me in any cafe with wifi, tapping away on my laptop, lingering over a coffee and pretending to be busy.  

In theory I love trips to the cinema and theatre, cooking, eating out, travel, long walks in Bradford’s stunning countryside, in practice I’m more likely to be watching Strictly and spending too much time on Twitter. I started writing a blog in Rome to make the most of living in the city and encourage me to get out and about. This is also my mission now I’m back home. Years ago Bradford’s tourism slogan was ‘Bradford, it’s a surprising place’ and it continues to be so. The Luxury Travel Guide named Bradford as the ‘Emerging Destination of the Year 2018’ thanks to Saltaire, Haworth, the City Park and Little Germany and I’m looking forward to sharing all the great things Bradford has to offer as part of the Girl About Blog Squad!

Love Catherine x 


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