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Veganuary: Yorkshire’s Top Ten Vegan Cafés

Now that we're half way through Veganuary, you're probably starting to get a little bit bored of lentils. So, we have sought out the ten best vegan places to eat across Yorkshire, giving you a bit more inspiration for these last two weeks (and beyond). Whether you’re...

SPA REVIEW: My Little Farm Spa, Halifax

Nestled in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, a mere 15 mins from my front door, is a hidden gem - My Little Farm Spa. Picture the scene: a crisp, bright morning; the winter sun shining its little hat off and me driving down a farm track surrounded by sheep mooching...

MENTAL MONDAYS: Dementia & My Crazy Mum

)My mother’s mental health was always delicate. I say this now only because I can see it looking back through an adult’s eyes; a mother’s eyes. I certainly didn’t see it at the time. Growing up, she was just Mum. Strict, occasionally emotional and at times,...