(Review of Marshall’s Beach Huts at Saltburn-by-the-Sea by Helen Suddes, North Yorkshire)

beach hut


Or Mary, or Anne or Victoria. No, not a verse from Mambo Number 5 but some of the names of Marshalls Beach Huts at Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

The husband has just departed to work on an oil rig in the North Sea and I am facing three weeks flying solo with two toddlers, a baby and no nursery.

My boys pick for a day out is always the seaside but just a blanket to accommodate three young children who want to eat ice-cream then roll round in the sand and sit on your knee isn’t always a winner for me.

That is until I discovered that you can hire your very own beach hut for the day at Saltburn. Situated along the eastern end of the promenade, the colourful beach huts have their own electricity supply and you are provided with water, kettle, tea and coffee, deck chairs and of course the kitchen sink.

So we booked up for the day (huts are bookable online or by phone), joined by my parents, niece and nephew. The weather forecast was, of course, terrible but we were undeterred. We had the beach hut; there could be a hurricane and we’d be right.

The staff were very helpful; I arrived first with the tribe and our cocker spaniel and the lady checking us in kindly offered me a trolley to get our belongings (of which there was a ridiculous amount) from the car to the hut. The Pier Car Park is closest but still a short walk.  All the huts are doggy friendly and although there are some restrictions during the Summer months there is still a huge expanse of beach you can explore with your pooch.

You don’t need to venture far once you are in your hut – the beach is right in front of you so perfect to supervise from your deckchair with a cuppa.

I did see some much more savvy beach hut dwellers with a glass of vino which is an even better idea. We know children love the beach anyway but the hut was a great added extra – they loved popping back up to the hut and riding their bikes up and down the promenade.

Nearby there is Seaview and Oscars for fish and chips, both highly recommended, amusements, extremely clean (and free!) public loos and some surf shops who also do lessons, if you fancy something a bit more adventurous.

Saltburn is the surf capital of the North and you’ll find some very cool kids here – it really made me wish I was ten years younger, my hair didn’t go so frizzy when wet and I could pull off a wet suit.

The Beach Huts themselves are super sociable – lots of passer-by asked us about them and being good Yorkshire folk we naturally invited all of them in to have a nosy.  Equally, if you wanted a bit of peace and quiet people weren’t too intrusive.

We absolutely loved hut life; we spend a full day there making it great value for money for a large group. The huts aren’t the height of luxury inside but they don’t need to be; they are the perfect base for a day at the beach and make a trip to the seaside that bit more special.

We even discovered you can hire one for Christmas Day so I’m thinking who needs a turkey when you’ve got Brian…