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About Me

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Hi there I’m Lyndsey – AKA Girl About Yorkshire.

Camping Yorkshire

A wife. A mummy to Ted and Ferne. A girl from the UK’s best county – Yorkshire.

Girl About Yorkshire is a hybrid of personal blog posts, and reviews and recommendations. Launched in April 2016, my plan for Girl About Yorkshire was to create a website that featured the best places to eat, drink and sleep in Yorkshire based on my own experiences and my rather high expectations.

I returned to my home county of Yorkshire with a husband and two kids in tow after living the highlife in London for most of my adult existence.

In 2016 I started my own little empire beautifully named All About the Story with my good friend and business partner James Ellis. Together we help small tourism businesses to tell their story through creative marketing, media relations and other forms of communications. We are also founders of a website called Yorkshire’s Best Adventures – our aim with this is to feature the very best adventures and experiences in Yorkshire. Do take a minute to check out my collection of vlogs and take a look at some of the sticky situations I’ve gotten myself in.

James also happens to be a very good travel journalist who regularly contributes towards The Times and The Telegraph’s travel pages, thus has proved to be very useful when it comes to checking Girl About Yorkshire’s (my) spelling and grammar. Although now and again the odd little mistake creeps in – but that’s ok, because unlike James, I don’t have a team of editors and sub-editors at me beck and call. Just little me.

With a lot of copywriting experience, a ‘tell it how it is’ attitude that sometimes gets me into a lot of trouble, and with a few demons to deal with, it seemed like the right thing to do to start a blog and write about my encounters, experiences and also my inner thoughts and feelings on everything from motherhood to suffering with social anxiety and depression.

A release for me, and also assurance for others who also face the same struggles. I get lots of lovely private messages from woman and men who relate to some of my posts – depression is a dark place and just knowing that you are not on your own helps a lot. Don’t hesitate to give me a social nudge if you want some reassurance that all is going to be ok. My ear is always available if you want to bend it – I’m a shit listener – I find it difficult to keep quiet for any length of time – but I’ll try my best to assure you that you’re not alone in any of this shit. Quite the opposite.

You’ll notice that there is some awesome photography throughout my blog – yes most of it is my own. I find photography great for the soul and I love nothing more than taking my Nikon D7100 out into Yorkshire – capturing the beauty of it all.

Well… who’d have thought Girl About Yorkshire would have been such a hit?

With 20 thousand Facebook Followers (are you one of them? If not, there’s not time like the present to join the club) and a growing fan base on Instragram it seems that people like to read what I spend A LOT of time writing, and more importantly, my readers relate to my very honest views on coping with motherhood struggles and mental illness.

I was born in the West-Yorkshire city of Bradford in 1980 to a working-class family. My parents divorced (very messily) when I was 14, and a very bitter relationship with my dad lead me to eloping to London with nothing but a suitcase of clothes at the tender age of 18. “We’ll give you 12 months before you’re back” were the words from many – those words made me even more eager to stay put in The Big Smoke and make my own successful way in life.

A girl from Bradford, with no university degree or a decent education COULD make it… and I did.

Through hard work, grit and determination I carved out a career that saw me quickly climb the career ladder into senior roles and jetting off all over North America for 10 years for a London-based tourism marketing agency with over 50 offices globally. I really did have the dream job for a decade – working for some of the world’s leading tourism brands to include ILoveNY, Hawaii Tourism Authority, Kennedy Space Centre and Ontario Tourism.

In 2006 I met my husband who I fondly refer to as Mr T throughout my blog. And not because he looks like Mr T from the A Team.

Mr T

We met speed dating can you believe? Long before Tinder and all that online dating malarkey. But proof that these crazy singles nights can work so don’t be defeated girls. He is out there.


Iain is my soul mate (a rather scruffy one who likes to sleep far too much), and in June 2018 we’ll celebrate 10 crazy years of marriage – highlights being a wild and life-changing 12 month back-packing adventure around the world together followed much later by two beautiful, crazy children – Teddy and Ferne.

Meet Ted

Ted loves football and hoarding sweet wrappers and random pieces of paper in various small spaces throughout our house. You’ll always find a couple of rocks in his school coat pocket. Right now Ted chooses to support Arsenal like his dad.  He hates grandma’s cooking and being terrorised by his little sister.


 Meet Ferne

Ferne is quite feral – she loves to climb trees and eat. Anything. She has the attitude of a 13 year old, and likes nothing more than terrorising Ted. She hates wearing socks and shoes and refuses to have her hair brushed.


Meet Mr T

Mr T is a southerner who I eventually managed to convince to move to Yorkshire. He supports Arsenal, loves StarWars and likes to eat frozen chips straight from the freezer. He’s always late.

He’s fallen in love with beautiful Yorkshire too and together we are re-discovering the county that we all now call home. If my kids want to elope to London at 18 like I did, I’ll support them, but for now, they are just fine breathing in Yorkshire’s fresh air, climbing Yorkshire’s mountains, swimming in Yorkshire’s rivers and swinging in Yorkshire’s trees.



We live in a little village called Menston just outside the well-healed market-town on Ilkley right on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

We have a train station at the bottom of our street – we can jump on the train and depending on the direction we take, we might be hiking the Yorkshire Dales, or world-class shopping and dining in Leeds – The Knightsbridge of The North – both within 15 minutes of our house. I suppose you could say we are very lucky. And don’t we know it.

Yorkshire Dales

Girl About Yorkshire is my escape. A platform to channel my thoughts and to share my experiences – whether it be a great restaurant, hotel or day out with my family, or a post that focuses on my inner feelings of experiences. I love to write – it’s very therapeutic and restorative and I know the more I write, the more I evolve as a person. In a good way.

Whilst I am lucky enough to be invited to eat fabulous food, embark on a few crazy adventures and stay in incredible places free of charge now and again, I don’t get paid to blog, which means my reviews and recommendations are all 100% my honest thoughts and feelings. (I do write about my clients from time to time – they include Carlton Towers, Newfoundland & Labrador in Canada, Kerry in Ireland and the Yorkshire market town of Otley – they pay us to help them with their marketing and PR).

You’ll find no paid for partnerships on Girl About Yorkshire (no money changes hands) just honesty, integrity and a few swear words.

I hope you enjoy the read, and please, if there is something that you would like to see featured or a topic that you would like me to talk about, then drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do. If you are a brand who wants to work with me then please drop me an email to discuss. Lots of love folks – enjoy the read.


Lyndsey x



The Feversham Arms & Verbana Spa in Helmsley

The Feversham Arms & Verbana Spa in Helmsley

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