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· Swapping Cocktail Bars for Drip Bars in North-West Leeds ·

September 28, 2016 0 Comments

It's true folks - the LS20 postcode is officially on the global map of pioneering wellness and weight loss procedures.

Just up the road from me in the West Yorkshire town of Guiseley, the global franchise brand REVIV has set up a rather swanky ‘drip bar’ offering bags full of healthy infusions made up of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, nutrients, electrolytes and all sorts of other restoring, hydrating and immune-boosting substances that are pumped into the arm of their clients intravenously promising to revitalise, energise and detoxify even the most knackered of individuals such as myself, in as little as 15 minutes.


If you are anything like me you’ll have enough unopened out-of-date plastic pots of Seven Seas Cod-liver Oil, Evening Primrose, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin B, Folic Acid (the list goes on and on) to fill a skip. All collecting dust and taking up valuable cupboard space in the kitchen because you simply haven’t the time nor the inclination in a morning to neck 15 pills the size of horse tranquillizers.

Well now is the time to ditch the lot because for what it has probably cost us to purchase these little containers of capsules over the years, is probably not far off the price of having the lot pumped into us in one go at REVIV. And apparently, it’s a complete waste of time popping all these vitamins anyway because only a fraction of the important stuff gets to where it needs to get to, to have any positive impact on us at all. So apart from the loyalty points on our Boots Card, it’s pretty pointless investing into a cupboard full of vitamins in attempt to thwart off any inconvenient coughs and colds as the winter months draw in –  l’ll inevitably be struck down anyway when my five year old brings home the germs that breed like wild rabbits in a class of 30-odd year ones.


So in for a penny, in for a pound… when I was asked if Girl About Yorkshire would like a ‘Megaboost’  by REVIV’s PR company, I snapped their perfectly manicured hands off. The words ‘Mega’ and ‘Boost’ were music to my ears, even if I wasn’t entirely sure what I was letting myself into…

After a quick consultation to include the usual form-filling and box-ticking, Charlotte, a fully registered nurse, and wonderfully fresh looking for her 42 years, carefully stuck a cannula in my arm whilst she talked me through the procedure. It all felt very professional and I immediately felt at ease by the lovely English Rose.


There’s a whole cocktail list of shots and infusions; I was however about to get the Megaboost – REVIV’s signature vitamin and nutrient infusion which Charlotte promised would restore me with all sorts of wholesome and nourishing ingredients; bringing my body back into equilibrium and leaving me feeling healthy and revived. Detoxifying me and deep cleansing my vital organs. I did of course mention to Charlotte that it would probably take a lot more than one litre of the stuff to cleanse my liver of all the Prosecco, Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc and G&Ts. Still, she assured me that I would walk out in less than an hour’s time feeling brand new.

Feet up on a cream leather recliner catching up with The Real Housewives of Cheshire on the flat screen TV, cup of Earl Grey in hand and snuggled under a branded blanket, with the lovely Charlotte checking up on me every so often then leaving me in peace to relax and unwind whilst I’m was painlessly pumped full of the goodness draining in from the bag above me, was, quite frankly, bliss. All that was missing was Ampica to my left and her on/off ex husband, Mark to the right, and a bottle of Laurent-Perrier Rose between us – apparently it’s perfectly ok to ‘drink and drip’ but it was 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon and I was alone so I opted for the tea.


Forget facials and body wraps, they are so last season –  this is definitely the next big thing on the wedding prep to-do-list  for stylish Millennial brides and debonair grooms. Bring the bridesmaids – make a hen party of it!? You’ll be in and out in under an hour meaning more time for quaffing champers and sinking porn star martinis in Leeds all whilst on a natural high and on your way to looking and feeling a million dollars.

Aside from helping to ensure you look and feel bloody gorgeous for any special occasion, REVIV’s range of boosts and infusions can aid a whole catalogue of modern-day ailments, especially those that ladies such as myself associate with raising a young nagging brood of hyper-crazy, nocturnal, non-conforming youngsters at the same time as trying to fit in a twelve hour working day…

Sleep deprivation, excessive workload, overindulgence (mainly wine and gin), followed by guilt because I’m not, and never will be, anywhere near as good at looking after my own kids as the childminder.

The need to look like I have my shit together in the school playground when clearly I haven’t because I spend every morning arguing with my five year old over why he is only allowed Cocopops on a Sunday and not every day of the week. Eventually I reluctantly give in because I haven’t the time to argue as I’ve just found yet another bloody screwed up newsletter in the bottom of his school bag informing me that today he has to dress up in something green, and it’s 20 past Eight and my two year old has stripped her clothes off and we have to be out of the door in 10 minutes. And I still have to respond to that email about a presentation I have to give in 30 minutes (the one I was up until Midnight last night polishing up) before I drop one kid at school (usually with seconds to spare), and hand the other over to the childminder, and I still have a towel wrapped round my wet hair. Sound familiar?

So yesterday, for one hour, in the serenity of RIVIV Wellness’s white-washed, modern and minimal studio in Guiseley five miles North-West of Leeds, I got my shit together and I have to say, today, I’m feeling much more on form. I felt a little hyper after the treatment yesterday and my concentration was a little shorter than usual but I slept well, and today I’m positively bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and was up, showered, and ready to rock with The Weetabix and warm milk prepared for my lovely offspring before they had even stirred, which is very unlike me.

I’ve juiced for days on end. I’ve gone dairy-free, wheat-free, gluton-free, sugar-free, booze-free, child-free… all require commitment and time and a lot of will power and all of which, quite frankly, I don’t have. And let’s face it, motherhood and full-time work is hard enough without having to starve oneself of carbs and alcohol for days and weeks at a time right?

So now there’s a franchise practically on my doorstep, and for the moment, while I can’t afford a nanny to prepare my Paleo breakfast and get my children ready for school I work out with my PT,  I for one will be popping up the road every so often for a Megaboost courtesy of REVIV – I’m jumping on the bandwagon with the likes of Ellie Goulding, Cara Delevigne, Rhiana and even members of the Royal Family who swear by a visit to ‘The Drip Bar’ to keep them looking and feeling like a million dollars.

If you are doing Sober October – why not kick it off with a Megaboost? What you’ll save on a month’s worth of white wine you’ll be able to invest into a litre of goodness.

I’ll keep you all posted on how I’m feeling over the next few days on twitter… @Lyndz_Thomas #Girlaboutyorkshire

For now, I’m off for a run!

Find out how to get your boost at REVIV Leeds here:

Lyndsey Thomas