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· The O2's Star Wars Identities Exhibition ·

May 4, 2017 0 Comments

May the Fourth be with you....

Following a simple and straightforward journey, including a thoroughly enjoyable-for-all-the-family cable car ride across the Thames via the Emirates Air-Line, we reached our destination – the O2 in North Greenwich.

The set-up at the O2 these days is thoroughly fantastic with wide open areas for the kids to run around, whilst parents are safe in the knowledge the only dangers to marauding kids are the legs of locals & tourists, with not a vehicle in sight.

We headed into the O2, identified the route to the exhibition and headed off . Eventually reaching our destination after a decent walk. Once we’d been kitted up with a headphone and wrist-band, so we could listen to the various audio elements & develop our personal identity, we headed into the first area, to commence our journey into the world of Star Wars Identities.

The tour was packed full of background information and exhibits from the various films, which were really interesting, not just for Star Wars fans (ask my wife!).

It was really interesting understanding how the characters developed from first scribbled concepts to the final cast we have loved since the first instalment of the films in 1977, which I attended as a three-year old with my parents.

It’s also eye-opening to understand what we could have seen on the silver screen, as an example Yoda (Jedi Master) is unrecognisable in his first scribbled incarnation (below).

Did you know that Yoda’s eyes are modelled on Einstein’s? George Lucas wanted Yoda to look as wise as absolutely possible.

At various points on the tour (nine separate zones from memory) you are asked to decide on certain elements of your own personal Star Wars identity. This builds up your Star Wars identify on a wrist-band, which is fully revealed, in life-size, at the end of the tour.

These decisions on your identity vary from deciding whether you want to be a Bounty Hunter or Jedi Knight, through to where you were born & raised, with various options such as Kashyyyka (Chewbacca’s home planet) to Tatooine (Luke Skywalker’s home planet – albeit he wasn’t born here).

Along the way to discovering your Star Wars identity there are some really cool exhibits from the various films, ranging from costumes & weapons, to scaled down models of the fleets utilised by the rebel & imperial forces.

It is awesome, as a Star Wars fan, looking at all the intricate detail in the models of the main space vessels from the films. To keep the younger visitors engaged there are film extracts, which gives the older visitors time to listen to the audio details explaining the film & character developments.

All in all, a really good afternoon’s adventure through the identities of the numerous Star Wars characters. If you are taking children then I would suggest those above four-years-old will enjoy the exhibition, those younger might not be as engaged. An alternative for avid Star Wars fans would be to ship the kids to the parents/in-law’s/A.N.Other, and to fully immerse yourself in an excellent exhibition, a must for Star Wars fans!!

As today is officially Star Wars day (May 4th (Fourth) be with you), why not head down there today . if you really enjoy the exhibition why not try ‘Revenge of the Sith’ (aka: return on the fifth).

Mr T.

My wife (Lyndsey’s) added points

A pile of shite. I hate Star Wars. Give me back-to-back episodes of Housewives of Cheshire any day. Ferne wasn’t all that impressed either (pictured below).

If, like my husband, you are an avid Star Wars Fan, then this is probably for you. Find out more HERE. The exhibit is on at the O2 in London until September.

Lyndsey Thomas