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· Three last-minute liquid inspired Mother's Day pressie ideas ·

March 24, 2017 0 Comments

If you're anything like me, you probably haven't even registered that it is Mother's Day on Sunday.

Never mind actually managed to purchase anything for the leading lady in your life.

Last-minute Louise. Final-hour Phillis. Put-it-off Pauline – these are just a few of the pet names that the hubby has dealt me in our 10 glorious years together. Along with a few less savoury ones.

This personality trait of mine wouldn’t be such a problem if I wasn’t so pernickety when it comes to the purchasing of the perfect present. I’m not the type to bung a screwed-up, soiled tenner in a card. I like to put thought and imagination into a gift, which of course is a bit of a quandary when I give myself 36 hours to source the perfect pressi. And if the internet is involved in the purchasing process, getting it delivered on time ain’t gunna happen.

It’s 5.30pm on the Friday before Mother’s Day and once again I find myself in the same predicament. Short of calling Interflora (abso-fucking-lutely not!) or hot-footing it up to Boots for a No. 7 gift box, I’m panicking. It would absolutely crush me to be so…. so bloody predictable if I had to resort to a trip to Boots.

So, if like me you are now in a mad panic wondering where the hell you can go to purchase something slightly more exciting that a Yanky Candle, here’s a few ideas from around God’s County.

1) Give the gift of Gin

Always a winner! Jump in the car tomorrow and hotfoot it over to Gommersal between Leeds and Bradford to a little deli called The Ginger Whale. Don’t be fooled by what you see between you and the deli counter. It’s what’s behind that counts. To the back of the deli is a treasure trove of all things Gin! It’s pretty spectacular and heading into the room is rather like a scene out of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Only this film would be called The Trevethen, The Juniper berry and the Fentimans collection.

You are probably wondering what the hell Trevethen is? It’s an award-winning artisan gin in the most beautiful Art Deco bottle. Only stocked by The Ginger Whale outside of London so it’s pretty special stuff. And if like my mum, your mum is a Gin lush, she’ll love this.

Get the lovely folk at The Ginger Whale to make you up a Mother’s Day Gin hamper on the spot featuring one of many artisan gins stocked by the Deli. They have a wonderful garnish corner, an enviable collection of mixers in every flavour imaginable, and some very beautiful gin glasses. Grab a bottle for yourself whilst you at it. It would be rude not to.

Hampers start at Β£45.

 2) The ultimate gift for any coffee-lovin mama

Ok so whilst giving mummy a jar of Nescafe won’t get you any Brownie points and will go down in history as the most pitiable pressi ever, what if you could buy your coffee-loving mummy a year’s supply of the world’s best coffee delivered direct to her door monthly? Well you can.

The Lovely Coffee Company based in Yorkshire pick the best beans from around the globe, roasts them and posts them direct to your (mum’s) door. They also have an online shop with all sorts of coffee-related goodies.

Order online at:

Β£43 for a 6 month subscription and Β£84 for a 12 month subscription.


2) The Ultimate Tea for Two

There’s still time to pop into Bettys in Harrogate or York to purchase a voucher for Lady Betty’s Afternoon Tea. Treat mummy to an afternoon of elegance and sophistication in Yorkshire’s finest tea rooms. My mum was lucky enough to be presented with this little number last year on Mother’s Day and it was a pretty special day.

Β£32.99 per person



Lyndsey Thomas