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Well hello British Summer time! OK so it’s not quite summer but the sun is shining and that is good enough for me.

I haven’t posted a post for ages on my mental health. And it’s certainly not because I’ve had nothing to say. But that’s the shit storm that is mental health when it’s not good.

Of course I’ve wanted to write. But, well, I couldn’t be arsed. Much easier to drink wine. I’ll be honest, I’ve lost my blogging mojo a little recently. A couple of things have happened to make me question why I do this.

I’ve been going through one of those “what will people think” phases. Fretting about those that will read it, and disapprove. Because there’s lots of them. You know, those people that will tune into every Instra-story and every post, but they will never hit LIKE.

They just sit there in the background. Watching… and the sad thing is…that LIKE on Facebook and Instagram – the acknowledgement to someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, it’s that LIKE that means so much.

I mean you feel like a fucking tool when you turn round to someone and question them on why they haven’t engaged with a particular post of yours. “Why didn’t you share it?”. Why didn’t you like it?” The very final straw in any friendship. The final nail the coffin – “But you never like my posts'”. The embarrassment that emanates through you as you say those words…

But yet in business, that engagement, that LIKE, that FOLLOW is measured and analysed. It’s that action from a human being that gives credibility to a brand. Social interaction makes or breaks a business. And let’s face it, social interaction is what makes and breaks a friendship. Or so it seems. I recently had a friend I’ve known since primary school who… wait for it… blocked me on Facebook.

In the social world, blocking is serious shit. The message it conveys is severe, but yet it’s so simple to do. Nope I didn’t sleep with her husband. Nope I didn’t humiliate in her in some unacceptable way. Nope I didn’t divulge her secrets. I didn’t cross any lines at all really. But to her, the control she had over the “BLOCK” button was just too much to resist… she had the power and she used it.

This winter has been tough. Never-fucking-ending! For the first time in my life I realise why my mum has such an aversion to snow. The chaos is not fun. The schools closing when you have small children is not fun. However much it should be, after day one, it’s not. It’s exhausting, and it’s tedious.

But today, the day the clocks spring forward and our children are wide awake at 7.30pm with no signs of tiring, today has been a good day. A great day!

When the sun shines, and spring brings with it blue skies and a carpet of Snowdrops and Daffodils, that’s when everything seems so much easier. That’s when I look around me and smile. When I’m thankful for all the positive shit in my life. Adorable kids, a keeper of a husband, and plenty of great mates.

Those that have stuck around, and the new ones who just love me for my over opinionated, outspoken, brash, self. In particular, my husband. Honestly he deserves a medal.

I think my point is, your interaction on social media IS important. NEVER underestimate the power you have over it. LIKE because you truly LIKE something, not because you LIKE the person. If you are friends with someone on social media, then you really should be willing to be friends with them in real life.

Don’t sit in the background waiting for something that ruffles your feathers, only to respond in a way that makes you look like you’ve been waiting for that person to ruffle your feathers.

Just be nice and acknowledge someone’s highs. Or unfriend.

Bring on summer blogging… I’m back!