Personalised Poems for a Pound

· Raising money for LGI's Children’s Heart Surgery Fund ·

February 9, 2017 0 Comments

My good deed for February is donating to Children’s Heart Surgery Fund (CHSF) at Leeds General Infirmary.

Watch the short video above on Liam’s Story – a little boy from Yorkshire diagnosed with a serious heart defect.

The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund (CHSF) at Leeds General Infirmary is much more than a lifeline to little Liam and his family.  This special place helps a whopping 10,000 children each year, including the 400 or more that require open-heart surgery.

My good ‘giving back’ deed for February is to support this wonderful cause so close to my home in Leeds. A Valentines campaign has been launched in conjuction with the Yorkshire Market Town of Otley.

Did you know that the Yorkshire Market Town of Otley is the only town in the country with its own official poet? Pretty cool eh!

Otley’s official poet Matthew Hedley-Stoppard has teamed up with Children’s Heart Surgery Fund to raise money for the charity by offering ‘Personalised Poems for a Pound’ in the run up to Valentine’s Day, 2017.

In return for a small donation to The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund you’ll get a ‘Personalised Poem for a Pound’ for your loved one.

So I’ve donated (a little more than) a pound and bagged one for the hubby – saves me the hassle of having to go out and get him a card and he’ll think that I’ve gone above and beyond my Valentines call of duty by taking the time to pen him a personalised poem. He’s feel guilty for getting me zilch as usual, which may end up in me bagging a new a pair of new shoes out of it. Genius!

Matthew will pen your personalised poem in return for a minimum £1 donation to the charity. Just upload the name of your loved one HERE and donate. When your donation is received Matthew will craft a bespoke poem and it will be in your inbox within 24hrs presented beautifully of a lovely scroll just like mine below.

What a perfect way to declare your love this Valentines…

Personalised Poem for a Pound

Otley has a long history with the arts – the Chevin Forest that backs the town is home to Bronze Age carvings that mysteriously come to life when wet, and many of 19th-century romanticist J.M.W Turner’s paintings were inspired by the surrounding landscapes. Today it is home to a strong arts scene at centres such as The Otley Courthouse and music venue Korks, as well as being home to four different poetry groups and workshops.

Donations raised from the poetry campaign will benefit the charity’s Keeping The Beat appeal to raise £500,000 towards a revolutionary children’s heart theatre, based at LGI. CHSF has already pledged £1.25 million towards the project that will help fund a bespoke new operating theatre to help treat babies and children with congenital heart disease.

CLICK HERE to get your Personalised Poem for a Pound this Valentines.

Lyndsey Thomas