The Chevin Inn

Sod it, it’s Sunday…

· And I just couldn't say no to jam roly-poly at the Chevin Inn ·

January 15, 2017 0 Comments

I'm 10 days in - #GAYFitnessChallenge has resulted in a loss of 12cm from various areas of my body and have thoroughly enjoyed the feeling that comes with being booze and sugar-free for two whole weeks.

I’ve been very clear all along that this is less about being on ‘a diet’, and more about changing bad habits and adjusting my lifestyle…

Then I go and scoff a huge portion of jam roly-poly washed down with half a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc at The Chevin Inn in Menston, just six miles north-west of Leeds in West Yorkshire.

The Chevin Inn

For a few seconds I hated myself for my sheer lack of willpower. My inability to get through just one month with no booze and puddings. But then I asked myself – if I had of managed to stick to this impossibly strict regime they call dry January, what exactly would have happened on 1st Feb?

Well I can tell you what would have happened – I would have got absolutely shitfaced. That’s what would have happened. Resulting in a 3-day hangover and pebble-dashing the insides of a taxi with vomit on the way home from my birthday night out in  Leeds on 4th Feb I expect.

So today, after two weeks of complete commitment towards healthy eating and absolute abstinence from anything containing any alcohol, I chose to say ‘sod it – it’s Sunday’.  I’ve been so ridiculously well-behaved for two whole weeks I bloody well deserve a cheat day and there is no better place to cheat that at The Chevin Inn.


Top-notch pub-grub at the Chevin Inn

The Chevin Inn is less than a mile from my front door and is my comfort-food-cloud-nine. A cosy pub situated a stone’s-throw from popular hiking spot; Otley Chevin Forest Park, so you can make a day of it. (For more of this lovely place click here).

THe Chevin Inn

It’s the one place we always take our London friends when they come to visit us – it’s as far removed from a ghastly London gastro pub as you can get.

The good, honest, northern grub and idyllic setting with splendid views across Yorkshire, and the proper home-cooked big fat chips never fails to impress the southerners.

The Chevin Inn

Jon, the bald-headed restaurant manager, is the number one highlight of this place, aside from the jam roly-poly.  Polite as punch and always up for a chit-chat. This chap goes beyond the call of duty to make sure that your experience at the Chevin Inn, whether it be a packet of peanuts and a Britvic 55 at the bar, of a three course Sunday lunch, is nothing but faultless.  His friendly, attentive staff follow closely behind.

The lovely chap even packed me up a takeaway cheeseboard complete with a little bunch of grapes and a selection of crackers on one occasion for us to enjoy in the comfort of our own home. It’s little, beyond-the-call-of-duty touches like this that makes this little pub stand out from the crowd.

When I can’t be arsed cooking we regularly head up to the Chevin Inn, not least because it’s super kid-friendly. The place has this amazing little alcove with a 9-seater table. It’s like a little semi-private dining room – it’s great if you’ve got loud, hyperactive, bickering kids and we had four of them today.  Kept well away from other diners, our brood play-up without impacting too much of those tucking into their Sunday roasts.

The Chevin Inn

Talking of which, the Sunday roast at the Chevin is one of the best around. Can’t decide between the perfectly cooked pork, beef or chicken? Don’t fret, you can have all three if you order the Sunday roast trio of meats. It comes accompanied by a huge dollop of red cabbage, crispy, perfectly cooked roast tatties, mash, and carrots and turnip. The crowning glory is a big, home-made Yorkshire covered in lashings of thick, meaty gravy.

The Chevin Inn

The menu features some wonderful Yorkshire classics to include corn beef fritters, belly pork with black pudding, local game and of course, jam roly-poly. Proper jam roly-poly made with suet – to coin a popular phrase from Ronny – my late Granddad -“Bye-heck – it’ll put hairs on your chest that”.

‘Sod-it-Sunday’ – it’s the future.

  More on my favourite local here:

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