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At No. 88 Walmgate

What’s overloaded, overindulgent over-the-top and over in York? The Freakshake that’s what!

If you are out and about in York and want to impress the kids take them to No. 88 Walmgate for one of the joint’s crazy freakshakes.  I’ll warn you though, these monstrous milkshakes are not for the fainthearted.

Somewhere between a giant knickerbockerglory and a McDonalds milkshake served flamboyantly in a masons jar, this sugar-ladened, sickly trend is sweeping across the UK all the way from Australia and No. 88 Walmgate in York claims to be the first place in Yorkshire to jump on the freakshake bandwagon.

The freakshakes at No. 88 come in three different favours (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) and they are made up of a concoction of local Yorvale ice cream and toppings which include whipped cream, fresh fruit, nuts, Crunchie bars, popcorn, mini-eggs, KitKat fingers, wafers, handfuls of sweets and all sorts of other gut-busting ingredients that will excite any child and probably a fair few adults too.

I had no idea what I was letting myself into when I agreed to road-test these bloody freakshakes. Had I have known that I was going to be expected to consume something containing a four-figure number of calories and enough sugar to sink a ship, I almost certainly would not have insisted on them throwing in lunch too.

No. 88 Walmgate is a restaurant and wine bar in The Indigo hotel on Walmgate in York. It’s off the tourist trail, which is a shame because this street has a lot of personality and is lined with some great little places to wine and dine, including No. 88.

With our bickering boisterous offspring, three year old Ferne and four year old Polly in tow, we (me and my bestie JoJo) headed into York for a Friday afternoon ‘ladies-wot-lunch’ for Polly’s birthday.

The restaurant was dead – we had the whole place to ourselves. A blessing really because the service was pretty slow and our little ladies were getting rather fractious. The colouring lasted so long, as did the handbag rummaging and the mummy hair-brushing. Luckily, after a couple of laps of racing around the restaurant their lunch finally materialised.

Jo and I ordered the Yorkshire Wagu Steak Burger (£14) served with bacon, cheese, tomato salsa and chunky chips. It was worth the wait. The burger was a little overcooked for my liking, but those chips – OMG –  possibly thee most mind-blowing chips I have ever had the pleasure of getting my gob around. Ever.


I scoffed the lot and hovered up Ferne’s leftover chips – little did I know what was about to be put in front of us!

88 Walmgate won’t be winning any awards for the service or the atmosphere on a Friday lunch time, but if you want fresh, tasty, well-cooked Yorkshire grub at a very reasonable price, served in a rather swanky hotel wine-bar-cum-restaurant setting, which is super-kid friendly, then give it a go.

If nothing else, No. 88 is worth a visit just for a freakshake selfie – those shakes are an Instagrammer’s dream! #NoFilter #EatCleanNOT!

Throughout April, you can get two freakshakes for a tenner (normally £7 each).

I suppose I should say a big thank you to No. 88 for lunch, even through I’ll be doing a treble gym sesh in the morning. Find out more at: www.hotelindigoyork.co.uk/food-and-drink